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The true cloud based solution helping manage financial risks for financial institution such as banks, asset managers or hedge funds and corporation front to back to accounting and risk


we are developping a loud based solution able to unify the needs to financial and non-financial institution under the rational that "an FX Forward in the portfolio of a corporation is the exact same FX forward that we can find in a banking portfolio" as the bank issued the FX forward for the corporation

The initial product focuses on FX related issues for corporation

The process we currently cover with ARC FTS

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite existing vendor offering similar capabilites, we identified some gaps that we want to fill. There is currently no true player specialized on helping companies to improve managing their financial risks. We focus on a clear use case that is how to better improve the aggregation of currency exposure and hedge them in a unique platform. The main challenge we identified for corporation is the complexity to retrieve FX exposure. Currently, most of corporate treasurer consolidate data using excel spreadsheet and therefore, on top of spending time manually consolidating exposure, take risks of mistakes. We built and designed ARC to allow the use of our platform to all countries, department being responsible to create FX exposure.

As stated at the beginning of the website, a FX forward in a corporate portfolio is the exact same FX forward that you will find in the portfolio of the bank. The main difference between a bank and a corporate are regulatory requirement, volume and sophisticated processing are to be managed for a bank whereas simple and easy to use platform is the main requirement for a coporate.


We developped a modular platform that is designed to support complex calculation, able to vertically scale but starting for corporates.

For a bank, the challenge of consolidating its FX exposure is the volume as the position of the bank reflect intrinsically the different risk factor so obviously the FX risks.


For a corporation, the challenge of getting and aggregating FX exposure is a little bit more complex as it is a mix of invoices, salaries and other cost or revenue linked to the business of the company. By essence, some of the exposure is easy to forecast like salaries. If you are a EUR based company and you build in Poland, it is easy to estimate the labour costs. What is a lot more complex to estimate is how much of the things or services you provide will be sold in different currency knowing that some part of your business is highly predicatable but some is not. the source of uncertainty is related to the difficulty to predict what will be sold, where and to who? So the challenge is to feed ARC with invoices (not approved once) coming for the CRM, ERP and update ARC exposure using the updates on these invoices.

We are industry veteran with a combined 100 years total experience in risk management, transaction processing, regulation, compliance. We combine a well balanced team of technologists with consulting, product management and auditing experience. We strongly believe that technology is not the goal, we aim to solve business challenge to business people but technology is at the center of our focus as it provides you the ability to innovate, scale and provide the latest possible state of the Art platform to help you run your business

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